Best-Selling Author, International Speaker,

Founder of The Private Practice Millionaire®

and Econologics® Results-Based Financial Planning®

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P. Christopher Music 

The Financial Prosperity Coach®





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Founder of Econologics®

For many years, Christopher searched for a financial planning program that would assist people in truly understanding and applying the natural laws of financial prosperity in today’s complex and uncertain economy. Because one did not exist, it became his mission to create it. He founded the subject of Econologics®, Results-Based Financial Planning® and Results-Based Transition Planning to standardize and codify the next evolution in financial planning results for America’s households.

Christopher is the President of Econologics Financial Advisors — serving the financial prosperity needs of private practice professionals nationwide through the implementation of the Econologics Road Map® financial plan. He is also the Founder of the Econologics Institute, a financial education company providing books and courses on the subject of Econologics to the public. 


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