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  • "I will be free to focus on what makes me money rather than managing or mismanaging my money. All the guess work will be gone. My responsibilities are clearly spelled out and I feel that they will be easily followed. I feel the weight off my shoulders. By far these past 3 days have been the most empowering information I have ever received. I honestly feel vindicated. The transition planning portion has been the most encompassing presentation I’ve ever heard on this topic. I’ve heard others speak on this topic but they usually hold a lot back and leave you guessing." - Kristin T.

  • "This course has allowed me to feel more in control of our financial future. I will sleep better knowing I have a plan road map to financial prosperity. It should allow me to have peace of mind over my financial life. It has been realized the goal to protect and retain current assets, pay off debt and allow income from business to fund my household is achievable. After completing this course I feel much more confident of the future success and sale of practice. With a financial plan and exit plan in place my family and I will be achieving the peace of mind we well deserve. The future looks bright. All the information was valuable, understandable, and presented well. Importantly it appears very achievable." - Tom T.

  • "This experience opened my eyes to the world of household and business expenses/activities, etc. By looking at the process step by step – I have a better understanding of what I/we need to do in order to give us a better – more optimal financial experience! This course gives us our atlas to help us navigate the overwhelming should of money, investments, business protection, etc. Transition planning is not only the final sale or your exit out of vet medicine, but how to get through all steps to properly plan and to execute transition. This process ensures that all steps are maximized so that you get best return on your investment from the practice, ensures that you have built your kingdom properly, safely and legally so that it is a great value to someone else…not just you." - Kate W.

  • "There is an absolute tech of procedures that must be exercised in order to sell a professional practice. One must plan diligently so that the maximum can be realized from the sale of the business! I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar. It was communicated in an informative, unbiased manner. Mr. Music conducted the seminar with professionalism a sense of humor. I particularly felt the info regarding marketing opened a ton of eyes as most dentists, optometrists and veterinarians are poorly versed in this area." - Craig B.

  • "Taking this course has made me realize how much I need to do to get finally ready for the future. Also need to get all of my assets protection that I thought were good but is not. I would advise all of my friends to take this workshop. Lots of info to absorb. Very good workshop." - Jerry L.

  • "This course was full of important information for a veterinarian. It should be a required course. We all work too hard and are underpaid for what we do. The only way to financial freedom is to save the appropriate amount. This course taught me how much to save, how to save it, and how to use it in the future. The fundamental ideas are simple, smart and applicable to any working human. I would love to see my family and friends use this technology to ensure they have enough money in retirement." - Kendra R.

  • "This course has given me SOLID information to build wealth and eliminate the need for speculation." - Carolyn B.

  • "This course gave me an organized approach as to how to handle my financial position today as well as to truly plan for the future. There is so much misinformation and misperception surrounding money management that it is no wonder with subject has been confusing and hard to codify. P. Christopher Music has done the codification and set up a truly remarkable road map to help each individual reach their own goals of financial freedom through the application of Natural law impeccable training and personal discipline." - Jean H.

  • "…I see how this is a complete system and cannot wait to weed through the process from start to finish as it will relieve a huge weight of “what if” worries. Thanks so much for this gift of information!" - Kristina Z.

  • "The course was effective in allowing me to be more causative rather than an effect of economic events. There are no short-term, quick money making ideas – rather slow and steady. The concept of asset management protection is an area that always needs to be IN." - Marc C.

  • "We learned so much from this course; I won’t remember is all, but for sure made me realize how much I didn’t know or even consider…. This course has made us so much more confident in our future as well as more stable financial terminals." - Sharon C.

  • "I realized how important it is to protect the assets I have worked hard to obtain. I realized the investment strategies that most people use might not be correct. Why risk principal when you don’t have to?" - Rob W.

  • "The biggest realization I have had in taking this course is that this cannot possibly be navigated on my own. Knowing what I don’t know is instrumental in the success of and accomplishment of my personal financial goals." - Lisa G.

  • "I believe our lives have changed to a higher state and look forward to a life of success and prosperity. Thank you Christopher Music and the Econologics Staff." - David & Julie T.

  • "This seminar has improved my knowledge in the subject of finances, taxes, investments and mutual funds. Realizing that my practice is my greatest risk and investing my money in more secure ways to have the income stream we need later in life was invaluable." - Beth W-S.

  • "It helped my husband and I have better joint vision of the household. We have a lot less arguments about money now." - Cathy A.

  • "This seminar has improved my knowledge in the subject of finances, taxes, investments and mutual funds. Realizing that my practice is my greatest risk and investing my money in more secure ways to have the income stream we need later in life was invaluable." - Beth W-S.

  • "I would tell my friend that this course has impacted us as much or more than any other course has ever impacted us in a very positive manner. It has given us a piece of mind that cannot be explained." - Dirk B.

  • "This course included answers to so many of my fears, questions, concerns and lack of knowledge that I had surrounding my business and long-term financial goals. I always wondered and was even anxious about so many topics that were covered. It was presented in the most perfect little (big) package of all the essential, pertinent and important things I need to know and put into practice in order to become the greatly successful and wealthy person/family that I know we can become. It showed me how to get to the point we want to get to – not just by hoping, but by doing and utilizing sensible and proven methods that create confidence and support in what to do to get there." - Michelle D.

  • "Before this class I had no clue about Transition Planning. I NOW know there is hope and a way to financially achieve success and be financially secure upon retirement. Because of Christopher and this information the few of the unknown is decreased. Thank you for giving me piece of mind for my future." - Robert H.

  • "We finally can champion, believe in, and fully commit to our financial goals both personally and professionally thanks to our time at The Private Practice Millionaire Academy." - Tamera K.

  • "P. Christopher Music is THE financial guru. He effectively cuts through all the media hype/garbage and clearly, concisely and logically tells it like it is. My biggest regret is not finding this course years ago." - Diane M.

  • "In taking this course it opened my eyes to the importance of having a written comprehensive plan – along with a transition plan. During this course I saw ways that we can immediately make changes that will have a huge effect on our security… making it a priority to follow through on The Private Practice Millionaire Academy plan." - Carol O.

  • "This course made me realize my income production potential is my greatest asset and the one I need to spend time improving. My business is a risky asset so I need to diversify into other less risky assets. This has been an eye opening experience which challenges many pre-held beliefs regarding finances and retirement planning. I am relieved to have received some fundamentals of financial planning in a format that I understand." - Ann S.

  • "This course helped bring to the front of the mind the things that I needed to accomplish to protect my practice, assets, family and future. It showed me some of the areas that I have been neglecting and where I need to focus my efforts to improve my household financial condition. As a team, my husband and I have made progress in working together instead of against each other to improve our financial condition and hopefully now understand where each side is coming from in making financial decisions. We are going to make a more concerted effort in open communication in regards to our finances and financial well-being." -Tammy W.

  • "This course gave me some new perspectives as to how I can start implementing a better financial condition now." - Celina H.

  • "I have a new perspective on the importance of my finances and how it will assist my family ever after I am no longer around. I must apply the principles I learned at the Private Practice Millionaire Academy if I am to achieve my life goals and purposes." - Kent J.

  • "This is a course that educates our family to manage our financial home life as well as our business finances. How to organize our finances and how to improve them to where we are financially independent." - Kenny K.

  • "I have found that going through this course I have educated myself in many areas. How to protect myself from getting sued by using LLC’s, how I can gift people without paying taxes, and if my husband should get hurt or pass I would be able to take over the household with confidence and not letting people take me for a fool." - Gindy K.

  • "The workshop makes it feel like a ship that has been way off course has been righted. The understanding and confront of this subject was life-changing and for the first time I feel as if my husband and I are on the same path regarding finances… I also want everyone I care about to take this workshop and experience the relief in themselves for knowing the data is correct and workable.” - J.G.

  • “This workshop is a must-do course. It was such an eye opener! The workshop provided us with information we have not received anywhere else. It has changed the way we think about our financial actions. We have learned what the optimum financial condition is for a household and a business. We found that knowing the optimum condition is the only way to achieve it. We have gained certainty and control over our household and business financial matters, we have a solid plan, and we are working through the steps of the plan to achieve the optimum financial condition. The results we are seeing after attending the course are: decreased debt, asset protection, order in all financial matters, increased security, peace of mind, confidence with all financial decisions, and we are no longer fearful of the markets, indexes, or what the government is doing with finances! It doesn’t get better than that!” - N&A T

  • “This workshop on transition planning brought lots of clarity on how to plan what I can do…to lead to retirement out of my business, and options for how to do so. I did not know what I did not know, but I now have a good and thorough package of knowledge to work from. This was very complete.” - B.N.

  • "This course has been a great experience…We have increased our certainty and confidence in our household financial life and goals. From a starting point of zero last year, we have begun putting the steps in place to reach those goals. What seemed impossible then has become much easier and part of our daily lives. As a family we are more unified in terms of how to get where we want to be in the future." - Mari Kay C.




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