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The Golden Route: 21 Principles to Financial Prosperity

21 financial prosperity principles

  1. Understand the basics of economics
  2. Set goals and follow a plan for their achievement
  3. Be a fiduciary
  4. Do not procrastinate
  5. Pursue excellence and professionalism in your work
  6. Be productive
  7. Help others
  8. Support causes that restrict government influence in business
  9. Commit to financial education
  10. Seek advice only from those qualified to give it
  11. Prepare for future expenses
  12. Pay yourself a portion of your income before any other expenses
  13. Practice thrift
  14. Stay out of debt
  15. Borrow money intelligently
  16. Maintain an excellent credit rating
  17. Create an orderly estate
  18. Keep your taxes to a minimum
  19. Protect your assets from loss
  20. Invest prudently
  21. Take responsibility for your financial condition



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